If you want to remove cellulite, looking for the ideal way to lose weight, lymphatic drainage or you need detoxification of the body – TEENLIFTING® ELECTRO STIMULATION for BODY is just for you!


Body parts that are treated:

  • neck, shoulder girdle, shoulder blade, axillary pit, arms, hands
  • waist, hips, abdomen, gluteus, pelvis
  • thigh, knee, calf, ankle, foot


  • all the painful condition of the joints of the locomotor system (cervical spine, shoulders, hands, shoulder blade, lumbar spine, pelvis, hip, knee, ankle, foot)
  • cerebral palsy, muscular atrophy, ALS and other palsy and plegia(with electro stimulation of head and neck)
  • poor peripheral circulation due to damage of the venous, arterial and lymphatic blood vessels
  • osteoporosis as a result of low physical activity
  • bladder incontinence and frequent urination, uterine prolapse, impotence

TEENLIFTING® body electro stimulation

TEENLIFTING® electrical stimulation of the body is electro stimulation of muscles of the whole body in order to:

  1. Cosmetic forming, firming and elimination (removal) of cellulite for:
    • extremely thin person
    • obese and extremely obese people
    • maintaining the ideal of weight
  2. Elimination of water and edema (swelling) of the body, lymphatic drainage of chest, armpit, abdomen, legs and joints
  3. Increasing blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues
  4. Detoxification of the body
  5. Raising the strength of all muscles in the body as extra training for athletes

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Why is important their simultaneous stimulation?

The muscles are anatomically interconnected, so their synchronized contraction is important for achieving top results.


Why TEENLIFTING stimulates each muscle with 100% of muscle fibers, and not just a part of each muscle with 5-20% of muscle fibers as in conventional electrical stimulation?


Because, the stimulation is more comfortable when maximum result are achieved simultaneously. Partial stimulation on the individual areas is too intensive for that areas, but at the same time too weak for the entire muscle or muscle group.

How is this accomplished?

Unique TEENLIFTING electrodes are designed for specific anatomical regions of muscle groups or for individual muscles.


What and which types of exercise and contractions occur during body TEENLIFTING and bring it to the top of the effectiveness of exercise in the world?


-According to performance there are: passive, active assisted, active independent and active exercises with resistance or load.

Exercises to maintain maximum range of motion in all joints

Exercises for static stretching

Exercise for strengthening, endurance, speed and coordination:

  1. Isometric – isometric contraction
  2. Isotonic – concentric and eccentric contraction
  3. Isokinetic

-Contraction of fast and slow muscle fibers


When can I expect the first results?


The results are individual and depend on the initial state: age, physical condition, body weight… At the same person during TEENLIFTING exercise different parts of the body will behave according to their initial state.

After the first treatment of the whole body there is a feeling of the enormous ease of mobilising as a result not only of intense 30 minute workout, but also because of drains of the extra-cellular fluid which strains your body (and is precursor to the formation of cellulite).



What is the recommended training?

The intensity of training will depend on the reasons for the arrival and a goal that we want to achieve. Our goal is not only to get a cosmetic result in the spring (or disappearance of a painful condition) but to come up with preventive annual plan.

This means that the combined training of the whole body (and face possible) and intensive training of critical places (eg, stomach, gluteus …)

Whether you are going to TEENLIFTING for a esthetic reasons or rehabilitation simultaneously you are achieving both results. For example, if you do stimulations for frequent urination, after 10 treatments you will strengthen the abdomen, hips and gluteus.

How exercise affects the body?

The most important type of body motion is movement of muscle cells that make up 40% of body weight. Motion of skeletal muscle cells is called exercise.

Exercise, particularly regular exercise makes people, especially the elderly, functionally more capable than their inactive peers.

By exercising you achieve:

  1. A higher maximum aerobic capacity
  2. Better breathing economics
  3. A lower heart rate at rest and during load
  4. The higher maximum heart rate
  5. A less tendency to disorders of heart rhythm
  6. Lower arterial blood pressure at rest and during exercise
  7. Better economics and function of the heart
  8. Increased absolute muscular force, greater dynamism, endurance and agility
  9. Lower level of lactic acid

Contrary to the exercise, hibernation, sitting and lying cause:

  1. Muscle atrophy, loss of effective length of the muscle cells (fibers), reducing the strength, endurance and coordination
  2. Fibrosis of joint capsules and tendons, which reduces the range of motion of joints and further impedes movement
  3. Bone osteoporosis
  4. Reduced function of almost all hormonal glands
  5. Obstruction in the arterial and venous circulation
  6. The increase in body fat mass
  7. Depression and low self-esteem

Impact of TEENLIFTING on the restoration of bone mass.

The composition and metabolic balance of the bone depends on the activity of the muscles, the point of maximum pressure and tendon insertions to bone. Muscle activity slows down the process of osteoporosis by constant stimulation of bone on its creation (of which the bone regeneration physiologically dependent), but it is also crucial at a young age.

At the younger age when muscular activity increases “underlying principal amount of bones”, which are waiting for processes of osteoporosis and osteopenia. As the “principal” is greater, the “rest” of the bones is larger. Progressive bone loss begins at age older than 30 years of age, so that bone mass in this age is of decisive importance for the bone mass in old age.

Intensive postmenopausal osteoporosis occurs at women 15 to 20 years after menopause.

For this reason TEENLIFTING becomes one of the key treatments for osteoporosis prevention and rehabilitation of bones of the jaw and face.

 Contraindications for TEENLIFTING are: Pace maker, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Operations.

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